How to Declutter Your Make up Collection and How to Stop Buying More Make up

It's really, really hard for us women to not be influenced by all these beauty Youtubers and Bloggers and their massive, giant make up collections. I remember myself watching those videos when this trend just started 6-7 years ago and I was shocked to see that people have HUGE chest of drawers dedicated to make up. I was like "I must be a loser because I don't have this much make up. Hell, I don't even have any Mac products!" I, too, wanted to have an IKEA Alexa drawer unit FILLED with make up. At that age it was very understandable that I felt that way. But now I can see that, it's not a healthy pursuit, and it's not doable if you're not making money from it.

Most of those people with drawers filled with all kinds of make up stuff are either making a lot more money from them by showing them on Youtube, or wearing them on Instagram or they're making tutorials with them, or they're make up artists and they need them. Whatever the reason is, we, as normal people, don't need that much make up.

I must admit that at some point I lost track and I had way more than what I need. I still do. But I gave most of my make up away or put them into trash, and I'll share how I did it. But first I wanted to give you an idea how I got to this point.

It is so very easy to buy make up

  • because it looks pretty on someone else,
  • because the packaging is pretty and you know it's going to look good in your make up collection,
  • because it is limited edition
  • because it's on sale
  • because it is hyped up on the internet


None of these is a good enough reason to buy that product. You have one face.

Learn to love yourself, and your face. 

Make up can make you look flawless, but it's not healthy to wear make up every day. Especially foundation. People who have great skin are wearing foundation just because other people do. I hate to see so many young girls smearing all that make up on their faces every day, thinking they need it. And I can tell you that men can tell if you're wearing layers of foundation, and most men don't like heavy make up. JSYK.

Wearing less make up for some time will make you realize that you don't need all these make up products. You don't need 10 foundations in your collection. You don't need 15 concealers. Just find the right shade and coverage, and buy 1 or 2. (Depending on where you'll wear them. Eg. special events call for more coverage and daily make up requires far less.)

Look at your make up collection and see if it really is ridiculously big.

Count your make up stuff. Start with the ones that go bad and you should change every 3-6 months. For examples, I don't think it is normal to have more than 1 or 2 mascaras open at the same time, because you should get rid of them every 6 months or so. If you have 10 more, ask yourself WHY did you but 10 mascaras? And then ask if you really need 10 mascaras. If you can justify having them, cool. If not, pick a favourite and pick one that you really want to try, then give the rest to a friend.

Look at your foundations. How many do you have? You have one from 'that brand' and you can't justify giving it away but it doesn't suit you? It makes you look cakey? Don't hold on to it, give it away!
You have two separate foundations, one is lighter and one is darker, and you mix them just to get the perfect shade? Who do you think you are, Bob Ross? With all the make up brands and options out there, if you can't find the perfect shade and formula, shame on you. Of course there's nothing wrong with doing it but I must say I find it quite pretentious to mix foundations, especially on a daily basis.
You have a foundation that you love but it's 2 years old? Time really goes by. You need to get rid of it.

Do you have any products that gone bad?
Liquid products go bad more quickly than powder ones. So you liquid lipsticks, foundations, concealers etc, if they smell weird or look weird, please get rid of them.

Look at all the make up products that don't suit you.
So you bought that nude lipstick that makes you look dead. Why are you still keeping it? Give it to someone who can actually use it. You have that chunky glitter eyeshadow that keeps getting inside your eyes whenever you wear it, but you still keep it. Don't worry, I do too. But we really shouldn't. It might have looked great on that Youtuber, but , oh well...

Follow the trends, but don't go crazy.

For example, the highlighter craze that's going on now. I'm pretty sure a normal person shouldn't be able to finish a full size highlighter in her lifetime. Try to go for sample sizes of such things, or look for sets and kits. This way you'll only have one product that consist of many products, and in sizes that you can actually finish.

Put all your make up in the same place.
Of course you'll have a make up bag to carry your make up with you, but other than that, keep your make up in the same place. This will help you see and keep track of your collection all the time. So you're not going to think if you really have a cobalt blue eyeliner at home while you're at Sephora. While putting all your make up in the same place, you'll find a chance to go through all your make up.

Keep the better one of the dupes.
If you have duplicate products, I mean the exact same products but from different brands. Keep the one you like more and give the other one to a friend. If both of them are the same, keep the one with the better brand, or the one you bought more recently. If you put all your make up in the same place, it'll be easier for you to see.

I know that make up world is really tempting. I know it's quite irresistible sometimes. But if you think twice before you buy a new product, you'll see that you can save money for better things. More expensive things. For example, don't buy 4 more highlighters just because everybody does, and save your money to buy a really expensive foundation that'll give you that airbrushed effect.

Of course this decluttering can be applied to other parts of your life with quite similar rules. Your wardrobe, your kitchenware, your stationary etc. Keeping a fairly controlled amount of stuff makes it easier to see what you have, and makes you less overwhelmed. Thus, you actually end up using only the things you love! And these words are coming from a hoarder. I still am working on that. I am by no means a minimalist, I own waaay to many stuff to be one and I'm not planning to be one in the foreseeable future. This is just an advice for people who are spending waaay to much money than necessary on make up, without actually making a profit out of it, just because they look up to people who make profit of the make up they own.

Thanks for reading!


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