Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand Cream Review

Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand Cream

I bought this hand cream 2-3 months ago. I always need hand creams because my hands are always dry regardless of the season. I need to have one at the office, one in my handbag and one at home. I usually use Bioderma, but I wanted to try this one out when I saw that it was on discount. I'm glad I did, as I liked it a lot. I put it on my bedside table and have been using it before bed.


  • No paraben.
  • It has a nice and subtle scent.
  • It's really nourishing and its effects last for a long time.
  • It doesn't feel greasy at all.
  • It's more expensive than the Bioderma double set. Bioderma has 2x50ml hand creams and this one is in a single 75 ml packaging. So with Bioderma, you can put them in different places e.g. your handbag and desk.
  • Though I find the smell to be subtle and nice, some people don't want their hand creams to be scented.
  • It's not very big and can easily fit in a medium sized handbag. But I find the twist off caps to be safer to carry in a handbag.


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  1. Nuxe ürünleri genelde çok başarılı ama fiyatları cidden yüksek. Atoderm Mains'e göre de fazlaysa, gerçekten ben de tercih etmem. Ama yine de aklımda olsun çünkü benim ellerim de hep kupkuru... sevgiler!